The team over at Yacht Club Games, creators of the superb Shovel Knight, have officially congratulated Klei on their release of Don’t Starve on Nintendo’s Wii U console.

While it may not seem like much, I am giddy at the love and support developers have been giving and showing to each other and their fans lately. Between this, the Dragon Age Twitter giving their praise to CD Projekt Red on the release of The Witcher 3, and CD Projekt Red sending out “Thank You” cards with every physical copy of The Witcher 3, I just can’t help but smile at the uplifting gestures being seen in the gaming industry.

Yacht Club Games congratulating Klei:

yacht club

Dragon Age giving support to CD Projekt Red:


CD Projekt Red “Thank You” notes:

This is a trend I hope very much to see continuing in the future. Too much negativity surrounding anything is detrimental. I don’t want that negativity to encompass an industry I have dedicated my heart and (what’s left of) my soul to. I’m very thankful to see these kinds of supportive relationships spring up between developers. I’m hopeful it’s far from over.


Also, props to artist Fabian Gonzalez for creating the image in this articles thumbnail.  If you like it, you can check his stuff out here.

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