Developers Game Arts has recently revealed with their publisher GungHo Online Entertainment America that they will be remaking the Dreamcast title Grandia II. Earlier in April, GungHo Online Entertainment America had launched a survey on Game Arts’s website asking pretty general questions, such as where people receive their gaming news, what consoles they own, and what series or game they would like to see remade for one of the current generation.

Game Arts was responsible for creating the Grandia series and porting them to the Playstation 2, so it’s no surprise that they might start porting them to the current generation. The push to remake Grandia II came out of the responses GungHo America received from the surveys. While the game will be made with the original Dreamcast version, it will also be receiving an HD update, keyboard and game controller support, and Steam trading cards.

“With the rise of digital downloads, it is especially important that classic games continue to remain available to play in some form,” said president of GungHo America Jun Iwasaki. “Grandia II was chosen for a PC re-release because it represents both a hallmark of the Grandia series and an example of how great JRPGs can be.” Are you excited for the new Grandia II remake? Still play the original Grandia II on your Dreamcast? Let us know what we’ve been missing out on in the comments!

Source: Gamespot

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