This coming Friday will officially be the 35th anniversary since the release of the original Pac-Man. Hard to believe the hockey puck looking character has been eating ghosts, cherries, and pellets for that long. Namco decided that this was something worth celebrating.

This Friday, May 22nd, Namco will be hosting a 35th birthday party for Pac-Man in Chicago. The party will take place at the Level 257 Pac-Man restaurant. Of course, no party would be complete without some VIP guests. Among them will be Toru Iwatani, creator of Pac-Man, Billy Mitchell, Pac-Man world record holder, and Pac-Man himself.

This birthday bash is open to the public and general admission tickets are free. With a general admission ticket, you will be able to experience free arcade games, bowling, and some merchandise and more. You can also spend $38 and yourself a VIP ticket. These tickets include even more Pac-Man swag, free drinks, meet and greets with Iwatani, Mitchell, and Pac-Man, and of course some birthday cake.

If you’re in the Chicago area or willing to make a trip, this sounds like the place to be. Congratulations to Namco and Happy Birthday Pac-Man.

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