The Humble Bundle spring sale is almost over and it’s going out with a bang; the final weekend has a huge encore sale.

Among the random games that were on sale certain companies had much larger sales such as Bethesda, Rockstar and Telltale on different days. Each day of the Humble Bundle sale has had different offers and if you missed a day you missed out on the amazing offers that day had. Until now.

For one final weekend the best offers are back including the game developer game offers; anyone who missed on grabbing Skyrim, Fallout, The Walking Dead or Grand Theft Auto IV can still do so for this weekend. There are also plenty of indie games available in the sale and other large game developers for those who aren’t fans or interested in games from Bethesda or Telltale for example.

Games on sale this weekend from the larger developers include but are not limited to:

– Sid Meir’s Civilisation V and Beyond Earth
– Evolve
– Bioshock series
– Borderlands series
– Grand Theft Auto series (excluding GTAV)
– The Elder Scrolls Series
– Fallout 3 and New Vegas
– Alien Isolation
– Total War series
– Saints Row series
– Dark Souls
– Shadow of Mordor
– Tomb Raidor
– Tropico seires
– The Walking Dead seasons 1 & 2

Those aren’t the only games on sale of course and there are plenty of games from indie developers including the more popular games and others that aren’t as well known; though these games cannot be found under one developer or publishers heading instead you’ll need to scan the sale page or use the Humble Bundle search function to track down the games you’re looking for.

Here’s a small list of the indie games and games from smaller developers you can find in the sale:

– This War of Mine
– Sunless Sea
– Octodad Dadliest Catch
– Hatoful Boyfriend
– The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
– Guns of Icarus Online
– The Escapists
– The Banner Saga
– Banished


If you can’t wait for the Steam Summer sale to start then make sure you check out the Humble Bundle Spring encore sale if you haven’t already had a look through the list of games currently on sale.

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