Lords of the Fallen 2, the follow up to last years well received RPG, is set to be released sometime in 2017, although a specific release date has yet to be announced. Tomasz Gop, one of the producers working on Lords of the Fallen 2, announced the game in a Facebook post, writing  “We’re now working on vision and concepts for Lords 2,” although he wasn’t ready to talk further details.

However, Deck 13, who co-developed the original title, will not be returning to work on the sequel. Speaking about working on the game, CI Games boss Marek Tyminski refused to say why Deck 13 weren’t returning for Lords of the Fallen 2, instead telling Eurogamer:

“We are not working with Deck 13 right now. We are starting the project, we start from the concepting, but we definitely will be working with a lot of partners.”

When Eurogamer pressed Tyminski on the issue, he refused to comment further on the matter, saying:

“To be honest it’s confidential. We have spoken about certain things we could probably do after the release of Lords of the Fallen but at the end of the day we came to the conclusion, both sides, that it won’t happen, and as far as I know they have another project, and I wish them luck.

“We have very clear thinking on how we want to make Lords of the Fallen 2 and we have a very good idea. We’re taking all of the lessons from Lords of the Fallen 1 to make, first of all, a much better game, and second, to make it more efficient from the production perspective. We plan to release the game in 2017. We learnt not to say about the release date too early, so we will only be announcing the release date of each particular game when we will be close enough and we will be sure the game will be on time.”

Lords of the Fallen was the production of not only CI Games and Deck 13, but also studios in China and the UK, with Tyminski saying of the original games’ production:

“We had our internal team, we were responsible for keeping the vision, and responsible for many critical decisions on the project. And obviously we’re also responsible as a publisher, for marketing and all that stuff. But a lot of big production was outsourced.”

Lords of the Fallen is currently set to get a Game Of The Year edition, as was revealed earlier this week, and is set to be released on June 26, as well as a mobile version of the game.

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