Today was the kickoff day for MSI 2015. The first game was between Team SoloMid from North America and Fnatic from Europe.

The analyst desk predicted that TSM would win, and 61% of Twitter votes were for #TSMWIN.

In the picks and bans round, Rumble, Hecarim and Vladimir were banned by TSM, and Maokai, Lulu and Sion were banned by FNC.

We get into the game, and Bjergsen seemed to struggle early on. At 3 minutes, he was pushed to his own turret by Febiven’s leblanc. Dyrus was first and second blood at 4 minutes and 7 minutes respectively. Bjergsen was 3rd and 4th blood at 9:20 and 10:40.

Things were looking bleak for TSM. The casters notice there is a complete lack of vision for TSM, which is true and not common. TSM is usually very good when it comes to jungle vision. This opens up ganks from Reignover.

At the 15 minute mark, Lustboy dies and Fnatic takes bot turret, and Bjergsen dies seconds later.
At 18 minutes in, the score is 6-1 for Fnatic. They have three turrets.
Baron is taken by Fnatic at 22 minutes, and they start pushing. Fnaticgets into TSM’s base at 24 minutes, where Dyrus and Huni die.
At 25:25, TSM gets dragon. by 26:10, it’s instadeath for TSM. RIP.
By 26:30, it’s 12-4 in favor of Fnatic. They are playing amazingly.
Dyrus, Bjergsen and top turret are down at 29 minutes. 15 seconds later, their top inhibitor is gone. Fnatic take Baron at 29:45

GG Fnatic, at 31:43.

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