TSM and BJK’s second match each, facing each other for the first time this year. TSM bans Rumble, Hecarim and Ahri and BJK ban leblanc, Urgot and Gragas.

The game is calm, but Lustboy gets a little too aggressive at 3:20 and is forced to flash out to save his life while BJK’s bot lane is taking their time in their own jungle.

11 minutes in, the game is completely safe. Dumbledoge dies to Santorin at 11:20. The game continues to be somewhat safe with everyone farming as much as they can. WildTurtle is then able to get a kill on Dumbledoge at 13:10, and Nardeus dies shortly after to Bjergsen. TSM takes a dragon at 14:00 in exchange for their own mid turret. Bjergsen just farms up and takes a turret midlane afterwards.

Second dragon is taken by TSM at 20:30, and they succeed in taking BJK’s second top turret just moments after.

TSM finally has full control over the map in this game. They take a fast baron at 23:30. A team fight breaks out where Bjergsen kills Theokols, WildTurtle kills Nardeus, Santorin kills Dumbledoge and Dyrus kills Energy. TSM is 8-1, with 6 turrets to BJK’s 1 turret.

Shortly after, Bjergsen gets a double kill by taking out Dumbledoge and Energy.

TSM takes BJK’s nexus in a quick 26:21 match! GG TSM!

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