In game two of MSI 2015, we see SK Telekom go up against Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü, known as BJK. BJK banned Urgot, Kalista and Leblanc and SKT banned Ahri, Hecarim and Morgana.

Today is Faker’s birthday, and what a better way to spend it! He dies to Dumbledoge at 3 minutes. First blood is drawn.

At 4:50, Nardeus dies but is able to take out Bengi.  Meanwhile, midlane hosts Theokoles and Energy’s deaths at 5:30.

SKT is able to take first dragon at 8:05. A minute later, Marin kills Dumbledoge. At 9:40, Faker kills Energy, left with about 100 HP. It could have easily gone to Energy. By 11:30, it’s 6-2 in favor of SKT.

At 15 minutes, Theo, Wolf, Thaldin and Nardeus die at Dragon. Now it’s 9-3.

From 17 minutes to 17:44, Theokoles, Energy, Nardeus and Dumbledoge die. SKT take a gold lead over BJK by 10,000.

SKT takes baron at 21:30 and their third dragon at 22;00. They proceed to push to take BJK’s mid inhibitor at 24 minutes. At 24:40, SKT is leading 17-4. At 26 minutes, both Nexus turrets are gone, and SKT wins their first game at 26:17 against BJK.

Happy Birthday Faker!

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