If excitement could be channeled into six words, it would be defined as this:

Full reboot of this storied franchise

That’s right, Need For Speed fans, your prayers will be answered by the executives at Ghost Games who have finally heard you. They’re stripping back two decades of game design to what the original idea was supposed to be about; beautiful cars and driving bloody fast in them.

The trailer is almost a directed movie, with some great shots of fully modified cars and an amazing cityscape that has our mouths watering from the detailed graphics alone. As for gameplay, you can look forward to races, cop chases, an open world environment and detailed narrative to draw out that raw drifter from deep inside you. It seems EA have pulled out all the stops in this reboot, even going so far as recruiting in their own car community ‘Speedhunters’ to give the most authentic urban car gaming experience yet.

Launching worldwide in autumn this year on Origin for PC, PS4 and Xbox 1, this could exactly what the franchise needed, especially with the recent competition in the racing genre such as Project Car. The teaser definitely has the attention of the fanbase, and we can’t wait to know more at E3 in June.

Source: https://www.ea.com/news

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