Following up with the hidden QR code revealing the workings of the Minecraft 1.9 update; Nathan ‘Dinnerbone’ Adams tweeted out a ‘meaningless’ picture that were secrets to new arrow types:

However, keen members of the Minecraft subreddit didn’t let that go unnoticed. And so they dug to figure out the meaning behind the seemingly blank image.

Reddit user FiredPlayer figured out that he had caused the blank image due to intentionally slicing the pixel finely to the point where it was unviewable; and when it was put together again, it would show this image instead:

xEj71BlAs shown there looks to be 4 new arrow types confirmed alongside a quiver slot that would presumably hold the arrows. This is excellent as it’ll easily save some inventory slot; hopefully there will also be a counter of sorts that helps to see how many arrows you have left. Another noteworthy addition will be shields as shown in with the outline next to the quiver slot. This could possibly mean, swords with shields will become a new addition to the game.

More will be announced for Minecraft 1.9’s Combat update and it will be such a big update.

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