Earlier today, Valve unloaded a new update into the ethereal Steam servers. The update for Counter Strike: Global Offensive is called Operation Bloodhound and it features a set of community maps and new weapon skins that you can earn via buy in to earn.

There are new exclusive weapon collections including: Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass, Gods and Monsters, The Rising Sun and Chop Shop. All of which can drop earned weapons.



There are also new mission types; Assassination and Guardian. The latter is a co-op mode that you can play through the campaign missions menu.

Furthermore, there is a new system in place called Profile Ranks and they can be risen through playing official servers. For competitive modes, you gain experience for your Profile Rank by winning rounds. In other modes, experience is gained through individual score. On top of that, to incentive improving your Profile Rank, every first ‘rank up’ per week will give a weapon drop. Purchasing the Operation Bloodhound Access Pass; which is at approximately $7 USD, you can also obtain a weapon collections as well.

Aside from these additions, there are several changes and fixes to the game which can be seen here in the patch notes.

The Counter Strike: Global Offensive scene is getting leaps and bounds more popular as the game becomes even more competitive, it’s great to see more content and even more push to a very classic game. This is a major update and I’m sure myself and my co-workers are excited to see loads more of these in the future!

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