Pokémon Shuffle, the endless free-to-play game has had its fair share of updates, and now that version 1.2  is here, we can see some big changes going on in the game.

Once you check in you’ll be told of a mandatory update, and in Europe the 686 block size suggests it’s re-installing the entire game. Once the update is done you’ll see changes right away.

You’ll see that your hearts are now split into two segments. One is for hearts that you bought, and the other for hearts that regenerate over time. This is great for those who like to buy hearts and don’t have to worry about their purchased hearts counting towards the five hearts that regenerate.

Another thing to note is that here are extra level indicators and numbers visible when optimizing your team of Pokémon, while Mega Evolutions can be boosted with their own level. There is also a new ‘Super Catch Mode’  which is a random opportunity that improves the odds of catching a Pokémon. Sadly, there are not very frequent.

This update also disables the use of your home button during timed challenges, so that strategy no longer works.


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