Fans of retro-styled platform adventures may like to know that Portalnauts is now looking for assistance on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight to try and make a full game a reality.

The game itself is clearly designed with old-school platforming in mind, featuring classic mechanics such as moving platforms, spike traps of both stationary and retractable nature, deadly water, and killer bad guys. However, it also includes the ability to switch between three characters on the move, including: an acrobatic ninja capable of double jumping and clinging/springing against walls, a cowboy hat-wearing gunner capable of rapidly shooting lasers or rockets or gliding through the air on rocket boots (makes sense), or a scientist capable of shrinking himself to fit through areas the other characters can’t.

Developer James Doyle has said that the game will require clever use of all characters and abilities, but that there are many creative ways to use all the characters so that not all puzzles will have only one viable solution.

While the game is still in early development, it already has an established visual and audio style. It certainly looks like it has promise for fans of the genre and obviously there is still plenty of room for additions and improvement.

You can check out more information, videos and demo or two at the Portalnauts site.

If you like the look of the game and want to help out make sure to visit their Kickstarter page and their Steam Greenlight page.

The game will be available on PC and Mac.

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