Rocksteady has released the first Arkham Insider episode – a video which is essentially a trailer breakdown and analysis of Batman Arkham Knight’s most recent trailer – “All Who Follow You”.

Whilst the trailer has had fans speculating on how the game will work, it’s nice to hear details straight from the horses mouth and Rocksteady has outline in this video just how the brand new character switching mechanic will work in Batman Arkham Knight.

Essentially, one character can commence a fight by starting a beat-down on a thug, then you can change to another character – be it Batman, Catwoman or Nightwing – before shifting your focus onto another, more high-priority target. But what about the initial thug that you started taking down with your first character? The AI will see to him. What this means is that this three way process will effectively allow you to control two characters to take down any goons you deem necessary, whilst the other will be controlled by the AI to finish off any fights that you may have started.

To hear it straight from Rocksteady, check out the video below and stay tuned to Gamespresso for more.


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