Squad, the online mulitplayer FPS by Offworld Industries, has recieved overwhelming support from global communities and has announced a Kickstarter to get the project going on May 26th.

The Kickstarter aims to fund the development of the game between the closed pre-alpha and Steam implementation; if they’re successful the game will provide a new and exciting experience on a leading engine to audiences old and new – including the 250,000 gamers who already have Project Reality installed.

What makes this game so interesting is the scale: it’s not just big, it’s huge. 100 players in a 50 v 50 multiplayer battle, across 4km^2 of maps – the rich environment will have action no matter where you are. The massive team size means that the players can perform supporting roles, with plenty of people still on the front lines to keep the fight going. Leaders can construct defenses, along with support vehicles and aircraft which will be able to provide backup and logistics – imagine battlefield but even more intense!

There’s been so much interest and support, in fact, that the developers introduced new tiers for the avid gamers to invest in. The tight-knit ‘squads’ can now put their money down and receive some great new rewards, including: laminated physical maps (to plan routes ahead of the enemy, of course), limited edition dog tags and several different weapon skins.

It’s pretty costly, though, but backing the Kickstarter with anything over $300 to $2800 gives you access from the closed alpha all the way up to in game credits.

Games and their developers really do rely on their fanbase; if you’re interested you can find out more about their campaign here and donate to the Kickstarter on May 26th.

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