Square Enix announced Tokyo Dark on may 11th a 2D side scrolling click adventure game with a mysterious and horror type feel. This game follows a simple legend that goes like this. “There is an urban legend in Japan that, deep below the sewers of Tokyo, there is a door. All who enter are lost forever…”

That being said the game features a detective named Ayami Ito who starts a case after her partner is missing. That soon changes into a nightmare where Ito now must face her past and question her own sanity. The game makes you ask yourself how far will go?

Tokyo Dark features 10 different endings with each path taking between 4-6 hours and every decision you make on each path effects detective Ito and everyone around her.

CherryMochi is the team behind the development of this game and is asking for $40,000 to help support this game and to complete features such as character art, backround art, improve animations and to translate the script and will last for the next 30 days. Square Enix is supporting the team with marketing and production advice but is not funding the game.

You can support this game and help bring Tokyo Dark to Steam, PC and MAC with all kinds of packs varying at different prices. Of course if you back the project in general you do receive rewards.

You can back this project here.

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