To celebrate May the 4th being with us all I Am Bread creators, Bossa Studios, have gifted us with this expansion.  It’s inspired by a certain obscure film series, come check out the trailer.

A long time ago in a bakery far far away…

Starch Wars – A New Loaf in the latest expansion by Bossa for their bread based simulator, I Am Bread.   It boasts that it is a fully playable space combat simulator set in the brad universe, and yes there is narrative to this one beyond toasting yourself.

Following the destruction of the petrol station the remaining crumbs of the rebellious fleet have been intercepted as they head to the planet of All-dough-naan.  A lone freedom fighter with the call sign “Bread Leader” picks up the distress signal and speeds to their aid and yep you guessed it: he’s their only hope.

The expansion can be accessed by simply having completed the opening chapter of I Am Bread.  After this players will have to pull up their plastic armor and get ready for a ‘breadly’ fight with Dough Baker’s squadrons of Rye Fighters before going after the Starch Destroyer, and toasting that thing once and for all.


Are you seduced by the Dark Side of the Toast?  Does the concept of bread flying around space and shooting things excite you?  Let us know in the comments below.

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