Fans of the “Tales Of” franchise are buzzing with excitement as the possibility of Tales of Zestiria coming to PS4 is taking surface.

The source of this excitement is coming from online retailers who have supposedly leaked the RPG’s current-gen existence.  A Dutch store called Nedgame was the first to release this information, but this page was unfortunately removed from the internet.  After hopes were shattered with the removal of this page, another ray of hope shone down upon fans of the franchise as North American retailer, Best Buy, was shown to be listing the title on PS4.  Along with this listing was also a release date for the 10th of October.

So, is the rumor true?  Is Tales of Zestiria really coming to PS4?  Gee, I sure hope so.  In my opinion, I see no reason as to why Bandai Namco shouldn’t move this game to the console.  Considering the PS4 is currently the best-selling console on the market, the publisher of the franchise –Bandai Namco– would have to be completely insane to not port the action RPG over to it.

With all of that said, I suppose we shouldn’t jump to conclusions based off of one website.  It seems as though we will just have to wait this one out until an official announcement is released.

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