Tekken 7: how is that coming along?

Tekken 7 has been announced for quite some time now, and the most recent update about the game is about a week old. The most recent news we’ve heard from Bandai Namco is a new character named Gigas has been announced. Gigas has red skin and a rather buff body build, yet no human face or voice.

In some older news, Tekken 7 has announced several new characters: Katarina Alves, a Brazilian Savate combatant, Shaheen, a Saudi Arabian military fighter, Claudio Serfino, an Italian fighter who can conjure a light weapon from his hands, Josie Rizal a Filipina kick boxer, and possibly Lucky Chloe, a female character who uses a freestyle dance fighting style and dresses like a cat (couldn’t get more kawaii than that), as well as a new unplayable villain, Devil Kazumi.

Tekken 7  was released as an arcade game in Japan back on February 18, 2015. More information such as a console release date will be released at this years EVO 2015 in July, though it is safe to assume Tekken 7 will be released on our current gen consoles.

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