Its official! Bandai Namco announced a few days ago a new character for Tekken 7. He’s here and its Jack! Yes Jack a character who has gone under many many many changes with the franchise in general and the new Jack model. Watch his video too see his changes from his past models.

So the video covers some moves such as combos, juggles, grabs as well as new moves in general compared to his past models. A new grab of his is throwing his opponent in the air and rapidly shooting him/her with machine guns in his fists. His combos as it seems tend be used to from a distance and are meant to be for harras against an opponent.

Appearance Jack has always been a cyborg and weather fight for good or evil in this game is still to be figured out yet. A major appearance change is that his upper body glows with what looks like high energy thats green. He also sports a new pink/red mohawk as “hair” as well.

Overall this new Jack is called Jack 7 and is getting a pretty big update compared to his past models like I mentioned earlier and may be one of the better ones who knows? More info about Jack and Tekken 7 will be at EVO 2015

Thank you all for reading!

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