It’s a spy game in the Caribbean.

Espionage is El Presidente’s best friend in Tropico 5’s next major DLC pack, appropriately enough, titled ‘Espionage’.

Players will be protecting Tropico’s precious treasures from foreign agents in the new campaign, ‘The Maltese Toucan’. The World Powers are getting a little aggressive, and it is up to El Presidente to  protect the island from spies and foreign powers.

The DLC will feature a host of new mechanics, including security check points, the ability to train your own spies, and the option to throw enemy infiltrators into dungeons.

All totaled, there will be 9 new spy and military themed buildings, 4 new island maps to build on, new tasks to go with the espionage setting, and plenty of pretty new hats for El Presidente to strut around in. The campaign will stretch 6 levels, so grab some sunscreen and get to throwing dudes in the dungeon.

Espionage will be dropping onto steam May 28 for $19.99. Check out Kalypso’s website for more information.


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