DICE has stated that it is working on a lot of new content for Battlefield 4, which was originally released on October 29, 2013. This new content will be free to not only Battlefield 4 premium members, but also non-premium members. The new content includes a brand new Gunmaster game mode and 5 new weapons: AN-94 assault rifle, Groza-1 assault rifle, Groza-2 assault rifle, L86A1 assault rifle, and the Mare’s Leg, aka Saddle Gun Sniper (compact rifle/pistol). The new game mode and weapons will be released in an upcoming Spring patch.

Two more patches will be added in the future from DICE. One featuring night versions of several maps, including Zavod 311 and Siege of Shanghai. The other will be released in the Summer and features a brand new community map and an unannounced map remake from a previous Battlefield game. It seems that Battlefield 4’s life cycle does not end with the release of Hardline.

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