You may have recently seen the news Valve’s Steam Machine and accessories are now available for pre-order, if you do so, you can get hold of them almost a month earlier than the official release – October 16th instead of November 10th.

If you’re wanting to get your hardware early you may want to get a pre-order in sharpish, as it has come to light, via Gamezone, 35% of the pre-order stock has already been claimed.

Valve’s PC-cum-console is hoping to shake up the living room entertainment battle, competing directly with traditional consoles – PS4 and Xbox One and Wii/Wii-U. Despite being a newcomer, the Steam Machine has the big advantage of an impressive library of games already available in the Steam ecosystem.

The Steam Machine is a very interesting prospect, one which so far looks like it will do a pretty good job of offering a viable alternative to the current Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo systems.

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