A new cel-shaded Transformers game is in the works

It has been revealed to Pure Xbox from an unknown source that another Transformers game is in the works, the most recent game being Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark from Activision in 2014.

The source has been backed up by screenshots of the apparent game in development. The cel-shaded style backs away from the more recent realistic looking Transformers and is reminiscent of the iconic cartoon designs of the 80s and 90s. If you unfortunately weren’t born then, here is what I’m talking about:

The game will be a beat ’em up or a fighting game of some sort and should be announced at E3 by Activision, going by the name Transformers: Devastation. The game will be coming to Xbox 360 but it is unconfirmed whether it will be coming to Xbox One or not, although the latter is likely.

Aside from the screenshots there isn’t much to go on. There’s no word to who the developer could be however as the graphic style is similar to the cel-shaded brawler, Legend of Korra, it’s not wholly absurd to think Platinum could be behind this title, beat ’em ups being their specialty.

Source: Pure Xbox


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