Once more, Amazon seems to be ahead of the game when it comes to new things – first the Uncharted 4 box art, now a new Xbox One package, and a pretty exciting one at that.

Nearing two years into current-gen and with E3 looming it was only natural to expect hardware updates to go hand-in-hand with the new games we’re all expecting to push the boundaries of our consoles. However, this is a particularly exciting reveal for two major reasons:

  1. 1TB hard drive. In layman’s terms, that’s a lot of storage. . Sarcasm aside, this is a fantastic update to the One’s stance as a ‘multimedia device’ rather than just a games console, as it makes it extremely more likely that you won’t be running out of game, movie or music space as you continue to download and play online.
  2. The new controller. The description lists this bundle as coming with the new model of the Xbox One controller with the 3.5mm headset jack.

Besides these new features, you also get a wonderful price drop down to $400 which converts (roughly) to £260 at the time of writing (though the listing is American so prices on other regions may be higher/lower). This seems encouragement enough for those of us who have yet to move onto to current generation platforms, and runs conveniently alongside recent announcements that devs such as Ubisoft are finally ceasing development for the last gen consoles. To go with your new purchase, you’ll receive a copy of Halo The Master Chief Collection too.

Despite other 1TB Xbox One bundles popping up after Amazon’s reveal, this seems undoubtedly the best one out there in terms of value. With the new controller, extra storage and a game all at that low price, it’s never been more tempting to join the current generation of consoles if you’re on team Xbox. It will be interesting to see if and how Sony matches the value on offer with the PS4.

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