It appears that Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival will be free to play. However, you’ll still need the Amiibos.

Youtuber ThatBitBlock broke the news over Twitter, saying the game would be available for free download.

At the moment, there is little evidence that corroborates or contradicts his claim. What we do know is that various retailers will be selling the game bundled with Amiibos and Amiibo cards.

The bundle comes with two Amiibo and three Amiibo cards, the latter unlocking their own party games.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival was announced yesterday in Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event, along with Amiibos for Isabelle, K.K. Slider, Tom Nook, and Mabel Abel. The game resembles Mario Party. Players roll a set of die and traverse around game board interacting with various game elements.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival launches for the Wii U in late 2015.

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