Thanks to a recent posting by the German Classification Board, a date has been revealed for 2013’s Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons next gen re-release. Expected summer 2015 on PS4 and Xbox One and later in the year on iOS and Mobile, Starbreeze’s last gen downloadable hit will be set to wow gamers all over again.

Sitting with a metascore of 86 and a rivalled user score of 8.6, the Payday 2 developers’ most recent undertaking into the realms of adventure sets you in the shoes of two siblings as they journey across a fantastical world in search of a cure for their sickly father. Brothers is a twin-stick puzzle adventure that hooks the player with its lush and beautiful landscapes, never ceasing to capture the imagination. The game plays out with a unique control system, leaving the player to simultaneously control both characters using the left and right thumbsticks and triggers respectively, leading to a rewarding, though often confusing, gameplay experience. The narrative runs without any comprehensible dialogue from either character, rather, a garbled made up language known only to the brothers and NPC alike. This leaves the meat of the games story to the player’s imagination and lets the player get to know their twin-stick protagonists through their actions and reactions to the storybook world, in lieu of a handheld, spelled-out experience.

With everything Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons had to offer the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2013, it is still to be determined if it can stand up to the current gen likes of Child of Light and Valiant Hearts. This re-release is likely to be enjoyed by dedicated fans and by those unfortunate enough to have missed out the first time around.

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