The lovely English-sounding Bristleback was promised a job in game as an announcer for Dota 2 matches thanks to the Compendium stretch goal. Voice actor for Bristleback, TJ Ramini who also voices Abbadon, Timbersaw and Skywrath Mage makes his return to voice lines and lines of dialogue to do all the announcements. If it’s any indication with all other announcers, not only will he be free for Compendium owners, but non Compendium owners would be able to purchase it for roughly $9.99 USD.

Further, there has been some browsing about showing off the new desert terrain that was also a part of the Compendium stretch goal. Giving off a very Egyptian vibe with obelisks scattered around the map and palm trees sprouted around the map, it’s such a pleasing change from the usual. I’m hoping that there’s an option to shuffle randomly between the two terrains after each match much like couriers, wards, HUDS, announcer packs and the like. More images can be found here.


The last unearthed morsel of detail is some new textures for the next set of Immortals that have also had its stretch goal unlocked ages ago. There’s already been predictions on what Immortal III will contain and the images in here suggest that there will indeed be a Zeus, a Faceless Void helmet and possibly a mace, a Razor (?) helmet, Juggernaut (?) ice sword and mysterious gems for a certain hero. There’s not much still but hopefully seeing these means Valve is homing on completing the final set of Immortal sets.

There is no indication as to when these little tidbits of leaks are announced, but judging by the fact the files exist and are there, an update with these will drop any time now. Hopefully these will be compatible with the Dota 2 Reborn beta so preoccupied Reborn users can still enjoy these new additions!

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