Well, it was bound to happen eventually. New counterfeit amiibo have been spotted all around the world. So far we have seen counterfeited Links, Marios, Pikachus, and we’ve even seen Samus. When you first look at these fakes, they look like the real deal. But, after looking a little closer you will begin to see the differences.

Let’s take a look at these Pikachus.  The fake Pikachu looks like the exact same one that I have, but once you compare the real to the fake, you can see that Pikachu’s arms look less detailed, sucked into its body, and they look like they may be slightly misshaped.


Now let’s look at Link, shall we? The counterfeit Link’s tunic is a darker shade of green, he is more upright than the legit amiibo, and his tights and undershirt appear to be lighter in color. The fake Link’s yellow stand is less cloudy than real one. Not to mention that his eyes look very creepy!


Now let’s shift our attention to Samus. At first glance this counterfeit looks like the legit one. But if you look hard enough you can see that  Samus’ head appears to be sticking out higher than the original, and the paint on the torso seems to be incomplete in some spots.


And now we have Mario. Im my opinion this is the most real looking one out of the bunch. After close inspection you can see that the fireball on the counterfeit is not as transparent as the fireball on the legit one. The detailing on Mario’s overalls are missing on the fake on as well. It appears that the shade of red on the hat and shirt are different than the real one.


All of these have been seen in a market place in Brazil. Stay tune for furtre updates because there may be more counterfeits on the way.


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