While Crytek might have scrapped Homefront: The Revolution last year, they seem to have moved on to bigger and more immersive games. Their latest announcement at E3 is titled Robinson: The Journey. Built on the CryEngine, the VR game is focused on a child who has arrived on a distant and foreign planet.

While much gameplay or mechanics was left a mystery, the game is pushing for deeper immersion by using the VR headsets. From the image they revealed, it appears that the planet will have dinosaurs, which has been proven to improve gameplay by 100%. David Bowman, director of production at Crytek, stated that the shift to VR is to drastically increase player immersion.

“Ever since Crytek was founded, we have been striving to build the most realistic, believable worlds we possibly can for players,” Bowman said in the press release. Today’s VR technologies are enabling us to bring together CryEngine’s capabilities and our legacy in creating immersive gaming experiences like never before.”


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