Dark Souls 3 has gameplay details and screenshots leaked

According to a video created by The Know, the world now has some new leaked photos and design concepts for us to salivate over until Hideteka Miyazaki, who is heading up the project, makes an official announcement at E3. In the video, screenshots of in-game footage and concepts are shown, as well as some new mechanics that From Software plans on introducing.

Rather than the white soapstone allowing you to cooperatively assist in someone else’s world, players will invoke something called a “sacrifice ceremony,” which requires you to move around an enemy’s body and perform a sort of sacrifice, allowing you to enter another player’s world cooperatively. However, this also puts a sort of bounty on your head that makes it more likely your world will be invaded. Along with this new mechanic, a “heat up” mechanic for bosses will cause them to change shape or form mid-battle, possibly changing the way you have to kill them.

Lastly a new “swordfighting arts” mechanic will allow you to switch out special movesets with certain weapons. It sounds like it will be reminiscent of how the gesture system works, except with swords rather than praising the sun. Some photos from the video can be viewed above. Are you excited for the new sequel? Or do you think the Dark Souls series should be brought to Nito’s graves? Sound off in the comments!

Source: The Know

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