Early Access’s H1Z1 devs Daybreak Game Company have posted the ‘road map’ for June 2015, detailing all features and content that will be coming to the zombie survival MMO this month.

You are probably aware of the first post. June 2nd’s update brought new weaponry in the form of the .44 Magnum Tear Gas Grenade, removed the ability for crossbows to auto-reload when aiming in iron-sights and added players a key binding for “Walking.”

However, there is plenty still to come to the sandbox survival game such as the new variant of battle royale, a party system and new equipment to help aid your struggle against the undead.

Details of new features for H1Z1 can be found below:

June 9th

  • Stairs on the deck foundation have been removed. However, foundation stairs can now be crafted and placed around in multiple the deck
  • Added a new recipe for a deck ramp that can be placed around the deck foundation
  • Early Survivor Crates containing new items for play
  • Item decay will continue to occur after server restarts and game updates

June 16th

  • Party system – Players will be able to join lobbies with friends, and there are plans to join either an H1Z1 Survival or Team Battle Royale Server in the future
  • The iconic AK-47 will be added to fight off hordes of the undead in classic Soviet style
  • Leaderboards for Battle Royale – Everyone will be ranked now, but there will be a bigger system to encompass this involving ranked seasons to be announced later
  • New “Watchtower” recipe that can be added in multiple locations around the deck foundation
  • Radios (both CB and AM/FM) and Walkie-Talkies to aid player communication

June 23rd

  • Team Battle Royale will be available to all. Players can join in either teams of 2 or 5 in this new take on Battle Royale
  • 4 additional military outposts will be added to the current map

June 30th

  • Professions – Upon creating a new character, players will select the profession of this character pre-zombie apocalypse. This will give characters different stat bonuses and other “unique things.” However, this will be an early version of the Professions feature, so it will be an early pass and launch with few to choose between.

There you have it – plenty of new content for you to contend with all the while you fight the undead nightmare. In the age of so many early access games simply not being developed, it’s nice to see H1Z1 continually growing and developing alongside players into the game it really wants to be. Kudos to the devs for this road map and how easily it explains all the content they are working on!

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