If you’ve been sucked into the hooplah that E3 brought to the gaming community, you may have returned to Destiny to find Bungie applied a Hot Fix to the game. Update directly affects Skolas in the level 35 Prison of Elders challenge.

Firstly, there are a few perks that got changed. The ‘Ashes to Assets’ and ‘Quintessence Transfer’ perks have been reworked: neither of those perks’ effects can be stacked any longer. Instead, each perk has a cooldown period of 10 seconds before the next perk can be used.

Prior to the Hot Fix, some players may have experienced issues getting the next quest in the Cipher chain from Variks int he Vestian Outpost. This bug has now been addressed, so you may not continue on your quests.

And finally, Skolas, the Fallen ‘Kell of Kells,’ has been reworked. There are no longer burns in the final round of the level 35 PoE challenge, and Skolas’s health has been reduced from 27,000 to 15,000 “to compensate for the lac of burns.” The reinforcements also now spawn in correspondence to his level of health, rather than on a timer like before.

If you’ve been enjoying the Prison of Elders so far, hopefully these changes will make Skolas a little less intimidating to fight. Also, you can find the complete patch notes right here. For more Destiny news and updates, keep it locked to Gamespresso!

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