Confirmed for release sometime in June; Nintendo of America has confirmed the official date that Mother 3’s Lucas will be available for purchase to play in Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS: June 14th at 8am PT. Funnily enough, it’ll be 2 days before E3, so that may or may not affect whether or not we’ll see something new at E3 regarding Smash or nothing at all related to Smash.

There is no price set but if it’s to be expected to be similar to Mewtwo, the DLC for Lucas will be roughly $3.99 USD. Hopefully there will be a plethora of more content that will be added in to bundle in with this character release just like with Mewtwo. It is highly likely that there will be some more costumes you can outfit Mii fighters, including the K.K. Slider hat and costume and Splatoon costume set.

There is also no word yet on the Smash Bros. ballot that started back in April 1st or the results; hopefully we’ll get some word from Sakurai when E3 pops up.

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