Pokemon has existed for a decade now and has continued to thrive in all of its formats; video games especially. Now a full feature-length documentary is seeking funds on Kickstarter. The documentary will be following the world’s most talented Pokemon players who battle it out in official Pokemon tournaments worldwide.

The creator and driving force behind To Be the Very Best is Wolfe Glick, the holder of two US National Championships and a second place holder at the World Championships. He will be working along side Dan Karlok the two time Emmy award winning director and Matt Weaver the a award winning producer behind the Broadway Rock of Ages and Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

“We will begin by taking an inside look at players from all corners of the globe and showing that they are more complex than the label of “gamer” would suggest –– that behind their screen names are real people who began their journeys by spending hours walking on virtual grass like any other kid growing up.” Reads the campaigns pitch.


Current plans for the documentary are to look at competitions and follow its players to the Pokemon World Championships where they battle for the right be called the best player on the planet. Pokemon Champions such as Ray Rizzo and Aaron Zheng will feature in To Be the Very Best.

To Be the Very Best will be less about the technical side or strategy that is needed for this level of competitive Pokemon, instead it will focus on the people and their relationships. Glick writes in the Kickstarter Pitch that the documentary is a celebration of the global Pokemon community.

The Kickstarter campaign ends on June 20th and is looking for $50k to cover the costs of creating the documentary; so far over $9k has been raised at the time of writing.

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