EA’s COO Peter Moore has assured fans that if there are any development problems, then EA are willing to delay the release of Star Wars Battlefront.  There are worries that because of the films release, the game must be released around the same time, regardless of any quality issues.  Moore has quelled those fears with his statement, assuring fans that the game will not be released “if it doesn’t work or the quality isn’t right”.


Moore goes on to explain how the development is going smoothly, and that Battlefront will most likely be released on time.  He explains that “The game is playable with 40-players already, and it is rock solid”.  Certainly good news for fans of the franchise, as EA have had issues with some of their games being released too early.


EA seem to have learned their lesson, as after the problematic release of Battlefield 4, the subsequent Battlefield Hardline was delayed four months, and their Need for Speed reboot has also been delayed in order to ensure the quality is high enough at launch.  Star Wars Battlefront will be available on the 20th November, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.



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