Inspired by management games, and enjoying these kinds of games. The fine folks at Bethesda have just put out Fallout Shelter. The basis of the game is to create, manage and look after your very own vault. The game is extremely colorful and very pleasing to the eyes. It’s simple and yet still retains the Fallout feeling.

Fallout Shelter will put you in place of the overseer, and you’ll be taking care of the citizens inside the vault, making sure they are equipped and happy. You can increase the stats of each member of your vault by creating rooms that specifically increase characteristics such as bars for charisma, schools for intelligence and gyms for strength.


You can also send out your citizens to procure items and other junk, when they’re out, they’ll have their own adventure and you’ll get to see their exploits and what they encounter out in the wastelands.

The game will be free to play, and there will be no time walls. The only purchasable content available will be lunchboxes that will contain cards that correlate to items that can be used. Fallout Shelter will be available on iOS and available for download very soon tonight!

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