In an interview, Final Fantasy VII remake director Tetsuya Nomura revealed an interesting twist on the origins of the game. Nomura, who was the character designer on the original game wasn’t aware he was the director of the project until an internal presentation showed his name attached as director.

Nomura stated, “As pre-production went along and I offered my opinions on what I thought should be done, Mr. Kitase would ask me how the individual elements should be adjusted in fine detail. It was very perplexing. Then one day, as I was checking the internal company presentation video, it said ‘Director Tetsuya Nomura’ at the end.”

Nomura has been busy also as the director of Kingdom Hearts 3. This fact is why Nomura was taken aback upon seeing he was directing.  Neither of his projects have release dates as of yet. Square Enix in the past has made it clear that a remake would take back seat to new games, so we may see delayed production with team members splitting their time between projects. While we wait for more information on the remake, fans of the original game can look forward to getting Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 4 this winter

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