Fnatic, who are a very familiar name in the Dota 2 competitive scene broke off when they didn’t present stellar results at the TI4 back in 2014. They’ve laid low ever since and only now have had a resurgence. Only recently, they made a post on reddit suggesting their comeback into the scene.

A few days later, Team Malaysia, having lost sponsorship with EHOME and yet were a sensational up-and-coming team were picked up by the old legends and now have been acquired. Thanks to the fact that Team Malaysia was invited to play in TI5, Fnatic is now officially back and raring to go.

The current team line up will include the former “Team Malaysia” under the guise of Fnatic now: These include kYxY in position 1, Kecik Imba in position 2, Ohaiyo in position 3, team captain Mushi in position 4 and JoHnNy in position 5.

Doing decently, we’ll see how the team brushes up now that they have a pedigree supporting them now. We’ll be getting a good look at the reformed team in the ESL One Frankfurt 2015 which will start on the 20th of June in Germany.

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