The video game rental company, GameFly, is taking a huge leap. Today the company announced that they will be starting something called GameFly Streaming, which is a cloud-powered, Netflix-style subscription program for games. They also said that they have acquired streaming service Playcast, which will power GameFly Streaming.

GameFly Streaming will each bundle that is at a fixed price, which is said to start at $7 USD a month. One bundle offers LEGO games, while another comes with adventure games such as Darksiders II and Batman Arkham titles. There will also be a “gamer pack” that come with 16 games for $10/month.

Sadly, GameFly Streaming is available only for Amazon Fire TV, which costs $100. All pf the games are compatible with the Amazon Fire TV controller. The games are streamed from a PC to the device.

Other companies have attempted the “Netflix-style video game streaming.” But  PlayStation Now is just getting off the ground, Microsoft has started talking about the idea, and  OnLive recently shut down.

What are your thoughts on this?

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