Starting from Sunday people who buy an Xbox One console will also be able to choose a free game with their purchase.  Microsoft announced this scheme on Friday and have said it will run from June 21st to June 27th, only available in the United States.

During this period anyone who picks up the 500gb or 1tb Xbox One model will be able to choose any free Xbox One game.  Players can take advantage of this by purchasing one of the various bundles that comes with The Master Chief Collection and still get another free game.

The offer is only good on games that have been released, and cannot be used for game pre-orders.  It’s also worth noting that the game provided will be disc based and not a digital download.

Microsoft predicted at E3 that there would be a surge in Xbox One sales thanks to such announcements as backwards compatibility and more exclusive games coming for the system.

Microsoft also orchestrated a similar scheme was launched last year for the Xbox One, with free games being offered to people who purchased the console within a period.

Will you take advantage of this?  Will this offer convert you from another system?  Let us know in the comments below.