The jetpack is probably the most popular feature that wasn’t in Grand Theft Auto V, until now.

When Rockstar released the game in 2013 many believed that there was a jetpack hidden somewhere on the map of Los Santos, amidst its many other secrets and easter eggs. Despite this, the trail always went cold and gamers eventually came to the conclusion that there may not be a jetpack hidden in GTA V after all.

The gameplay element is in such high-demand due to its appearance in 2005’s GTA San Andreas, where it allowed players to fly around and do as they please.

Nevertheless, due to the magic of modding, the jetpack has finally been made available in GTA V courtesy of PC modder JulioNIB. All hail, JulioNIB. Check out the new mod in action in the video below. Remember, this is only available for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.


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