Microsoft’s flagship franchise, Halo, will be including a new co-op feature in it’s latest installment. Halo 5 will feature a revive system where players can revive fallen squadmates. This is meant to encourage players to work together, and has been of staple of another Microsoft franchise, Gears of War.

It has been revealed that Halo 5 will feature four player co-op throughout the campaign. The other three squadmates can be controlled by either human players or by the computer. If you are playing by yourself you can command a squadmate to revive fallen teammates and if you go down, they can revive you.

Previous Halo games forced you to be in a “safe area” for your teammate to respawn. The new revive system is sure to add a new aspect to the campaign. It is sure to get mixed reviews, as all new features to an established franchise.

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