Tacking on to some RNG, Blizzard has put a post on the Hearthstone blog that tells the tale of the Hearthstone innkeeper and his encounter with a ‘new patron’ that entered his bar.






There’s not much in terms of concrete details however, there has been quite a bit of digging especially with the one image that could give a clue into who this character is. First off, the image depicts a silhouette of a stout figure with what seems to be a lanyard that would be sticking out from the bottom of a hammer. The stout figure is wearing a ragged cloak or cape of sorts it would also seem. The sword icon at the bottom of the silhouette also depicts that this character is somewhat going to be related to the Warrior class. Finally the text below is cursive and very familar to either dwarvish or elven.

There’s already speculation on who this shrouded character is; the Hearthstone subreddit has had a field day picking apart as much information as they can, and it’s come down to two characters: Either it’s Muradin Bronzebeard, or his brother Magni Bronzebeard. Whoever it is, hopefully it’ll usher in an age of potential new characters that can replace the character portraits for the other classes. It’s not certain whether or not the skill will change, but it’s still a nice touch for some aesthetic and fun changes. Who do you think it is, or rather, who do you want to make their appearance in Hearthstone?


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