Ever wondered what World of Warcraft would look like if it was a new game today? Well, YouTuber, Daniel Luchau, has made a video tour of his version of the popular location, Elwynn Forest, using Unreal engine. This fly by view of the forest gives a pretty good idea of what Warcraft would potentially look like in a more modern game engine. Take a look at the video here:

There are plenty of memorable sights throughout the video from the village of Goldshire right through to a proper wanted poster for Warcraft legend, Hogger. Warcraft has it’s very own distinctive art style which has definitely stood the test of time, but it has to be said that this fresh take on the look of the game certainly get’s you thinking about what could be. Daniel goes on to say in the comments below his video that he intends to improve this video whilst making other videos of locations with the possible addition of VR in the future.

It’s always cool to see the talents that people have learned and the way they can apply them, keep up the good work Daniel!

To keep an eye on his work give Daniel a sub on his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCArpkO2EHTfYLL9Gzxt-HFg

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