Hyrule Warriors is set to be ported to the 3DS according to a video that Koei Tecmo posted earlier. Gamespot has reported that they have since removed this, suggesting the announcement may have come a little too early or was perhaps meant to be held for E3.

The short trailer showed that Tetra (of Wind Waker fame) will be playable, wielding a pistol and cutlass in combat. The trailer also showed that both the King of Red Lions and King of Hyrule will be open to the player and that they can be transferred to the WiiU version of the game.

Following the fourth and final DLC pack that came in March of this year (allowing players the ability to fight hordes of Zelda baddies as a giant Cuccoo), this port shows that Koei Tecmo are happy to keep supporting the model. Maybe they will try fitting the Warriors style gameplay to other Nintendo franchises?

Hyrule Warriors was lauded at its release for having perfectly blended the combat of Dynasty Warriors with a hefty slice of Zelda aesthetic and fan service, regularly garnering 8/10 on multiple review sites. For fans of this Zelda-fication of the Warriors franchise, more of this gameplay must be music to the ears right? Plus there’s the extra characters to chuck octoroks around in the high definition WiiU version.

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