I am Bread is the amazing bread game from Bossa Studios; your goal is simple, you must become toast. The game is by the creators of Surgeon Simulator and the bread you control is most certainly quite floppy. I am Bread has been available on PC via Steam for some time now and yesterday designer Luke Williams released a statement on the Playstation blog to announce that the game will be ported to PS4.

No date has been given and there is no suggestion as to when the PS4 version may be released however it was revealed there would be new content added to the game. No longer will I am Bread be just just about becoming toast by any means necessary, now new goals and challenges will be added to diversify the gameplay… while still being a type of bread of course.

“Become a baguette as you smash your way around the various levels, trying to cause as much destruction as possible; or become a bagel, and roll your way around a series of race courses in record time” Williams revealed in the blog post.


Of course there will be trophies to earn through completing various challenges.

Those who have seen the game on PC will know each corner of the slice of bread has it’s own button and this is being kept on its port to PS4. The bread will be controlled by the triggers on the DualShock 4 and the right control stick so Playstation 4 users also get to experience the joy of flopping around trying to climb up counters.

The horrible obstacles of ants, mud, dust and other gross things you wouldn’t want to eat will also still be in the game and players will need to try and avoid these things in some attempt to be edible after becoming toast.

No mention yet on an Xbox port for the game but at least Xbox users have Goat Simulator.

Are you excited to flop around as a piece of bread on PS4? Let us know in the comments below!

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