With the release of the Dota 2 Reborn beta a couple of weeks ago, there have been countless projects started up to create the magic that was the Battle.net custom games lobby. With a lot of games making a return with a Dota 2 flair like Vampirism, Enfo’s Team Survival, Skillshot Wars and the like. One person over on the Dota 2 subreddit has taken up the task to help educate people who might also want to be a part of this creative action!

User sixtyfour’s first video on using the Reborn tools can be found right below and is actually quite informative; showing off and breaking down what is shown in the project folder.

So far this is one of the first videos that actually looks into the functions of the Reborn tool and with all the feedback and positive reinforcement he’s been getting, it may very well be a start to a great set of videos that can really help in the creation of some really unique and well made custom maps. If you have any interest in getting into this faucet of Dota 2, you should definitely take a look at this video and maybe more if the user intends to put out even more tutorials. Let him know how you feel in the subreddit if you watch!

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