If you haven’t experienced the emotional ride of playing Journey on PlayStation 3, your chance to on your PlayStation 4 may be just around the corner.

Last E3, Sony announced that Journey would be making its way to the PS4, but little has been heard about it since. Earlier this morning, a reputable box art Twitter account revealed what appears to be the cover for Journey: Collector’s Edition for PS4.

It looks extremely similar to the collection that released on PS3, which includes Journey, Flower, and Flow inside of its package.

Perhaps an announcement of “and you can buy it….right now!” will be a part of Sony’s conference when it comes to talking about Journey and its release this year. It’s another in a long line of remakes that Sony has been porting from PS3 to PS4. Flower and Flow are currently available for download on the PlayStation store.


Journey was originally released in 2012 by Thatgamecompany. Players control a figure wearing a robe as they make their way towards a mountain off in the distance. Players can run across other figures, but the only way to communicate is via a high-pitched chime made by your character.  The game was critically acclaimed upon release and has won a numerous amount of awards since.

What do you think of the box art? Let us know below, and while you’re there, let us know if you’ll be playing Journey again on your PS4 or if you’re finally going to get to experience it for the first time.

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