Today at E3 Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key will be getting a Western release. Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key is an upcoming game that is currently in development and is will only be released on iOS and Android.

This makes Unchained Key the first mobile game for the Kingdom Hearts franchise and the storyline will be linked directly to Kingdom Hearts 3. No more information on how this game will link to Kingdom Hearts 3 is available yet however more information may become available at the 2015 Japan release approaches.

Like all other games in the series it will include familiar faces in the form of iconic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse alongside Final Fanstasy characters. The visuals are as expected with a iOS and Android game, it uses a 2D style.

There is no release date yet for Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key but at least they’ve confirmed the game is not a Japan exclusive and that the game will be coming to the West sometime soon.

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